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Commando Steve Combats Sedentary Lifestyles at Palm Lake Resort

Bargara residents get ‘Commando Fit’ with ‘Australia’s Biggest Loser’ trainer

One of the many great benefits of retirement and reaching your 50s is that it affords you even more time to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle . Famed ‘Australia’s Biggest Loser’ trainer Steve Willis (or better known as Commando Steve) is making ‘No Excuses’ for residents of Palm Lake Resort Bargara at the upcoming open day.

Residents of the designer over 50s lifestyle community will be given the opportunity to learn from one of Australia’s most recognised and respected fitness experts , whose goal is to encourage others to transform their lives through training.

One of the world’s top CrossFit athletes

Commando Steve placed 4th in the World CrossFit Games in California after overthrowing 50 other male athletes back in 2009 – he now runs regular training sessions and boot camps all over the country.

This highly-accomplished ex-military man began to forge his own unique “hang-tough” style of training with the skills and structure he obtained throughout his combat days in the Australian Special Forces.

Rising up in the ranks as a Counter-Terrorism Team Commander, Steve’s hardened career faced physical and mental challenges most people wouldn’t even dream of enduring. His assignments included parachuting on land and water, fast driving, weapons, close quarter battles, confined spaces, survival, helicopters, fast roping and airborne rappelling, amphibious operation and small boat handling, and demolitions.

In his own words, “there is no place on this earth that I would not be able to survive. Uncomfortably, yes – but survive, definitely!”

A new year, new you!

There’s no doubt the benefits of exercise, diet, and other healthy habits can be applied to a diverse range of fitness levels and age groups – so you might want to think about setting some goals and challenges for yourself in the new year (with the help of a fitness guru, of course). It’s important for our physical and mental health , as well as our longevity, to empower our community to get moving and make positive life decisions.

Commando Steve will be putting residents through their paces by offering his advice and motivating them to coordinate widespread physical activity and wellbeing, as well as peer encouragement within the community.

So, take it from the expert, get ‘Commando Fit’, improve your knowledge of nutrition, and be the best retiree you can be in 2018.